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At King’s Resort and Spa we consistently endeavor to treat each of our guests as our most special VIP, ensuring first-time guests already feel at home - Through the considerate and warmhearted hospitality provided by each of our staff, to the cleanliness of our state of the art exercise equipment, we prove our commitment to serving you

From the second-floor (2F) parking garage, spacious Lobby, first floor (1F) café, to our outdoor health and fitness mineral springs area and rooftop Jacuzzi, carefully tended bonsai garden, clean and comfortable guest suites, nouveau Hakka inspired cuisine, a variety of high ceiling conference and meeting rooms to meet your needs, our dedication to service from the heart for all of our guests helps ensure your vacation or meeting will be a most memorable experience for you with us at King’s Resort and Spa.

  • nouveau Hakka inspired cuisine Master Chefs (Hakka Kaiseki Fine Cuisine)
  • Your expert resort providing relaxing hot mineral springs, total health personal rejuvenation, and individual fitness (offering personalized mineral springs fitness itineraries)
  • Our entire management team has been recognized as a leading Hot Mineral Springs Resort Operator (Total Personal Fitness Resort Hotel)
  • An ecologically and energy efficient enterprise dedicated to deploying model corporate sustainability best practices

King's Resort & Spa

No.72, Jin Shiue Village, Taian Township, Miaoli County
Booking Hotline:037-941711

Offering the newest highlights in customized mineral springs personal fitness

Amidst a rich repository of multicultural ambience, replete with Hakka and Atayal cultural heritage, conveniently located with access to all major transport systems and highways, a mere two hours from Taipei, or an hour from either Taichung or Hsinchu, you can join us and discover this treasured new customized mineral springs personal fitness resort highlight. With a pleasant year round climate perfectly suited to providing you with the best natural conditions for personal rejuvenation, with an average humidity around 65~70%, King’s Resort and Spa enjoys a mild winter and cool summer climate, perfect for a private escape from winter cold and summer heat. You will also enjoy the many nearby attractions, including the Wenshui Olde Market street, Ching An (Qing An) Tofu Street, Tahu (Dahu) strawberry fields, Hsueh-Pa (Xue Ba, “Super Snow”) National Park, Hsueh Chien (Xue Jian, “Snow Seeing”) and Kuan Wu (Guan Wu, “Mist Observation”) rest areas, as well as the close-by Nanchuang (Nan Zhuang) and San-Yi, among the tremendous variety of sights to make your visit with us unforgettable. As you select from amongst so many delightful recreational activity offerings and enjoy the finest Hakka haute cuisine and hot mineral springs hydrotherapy traditions, we are confident you will find King’s Resort and Spa to consistently be your favorite vacation and rejuvenation destination.

  • First Officially Accredited Hot Mineral Springs Resort (accredited by both Miaoli County and the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport and Communications)
  • First Hot Mineral Springs Resort to Implement Knowledge Management (KM), (recognized by the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • Awarded for Best Practices applying German Hot Mineral Springs Conservation and Preservation (Badekurort) Resort Concepts (selected by the Commerce Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • Deploying the Hot Mineral Springs Resort Docent System, Health and Fitness Readiness Evaluation System and Combined Mineral Springs and Personal Rejuvenation Packages

Traditional Hot Springs Therapeutic Offerings

  • Hot Mineral Springs Hydrotherapy
  • Kurpark: Descending Streams Footpaths around the Da Bi Cuo River, Kamiki Shinboku (Jumu Shenmu, Revered Aged Tree) Mountainside Footpaths
  • Thermal Spa: providing German style outdoor hot mineral springs

台灣第一個取得溫泉標章的溫泉飯點 - 苗栗泰安錦水溫泉飯點