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Hakka Style Kaiseki Set Menu

泰安溫泉, 泰安觀止, Hakka Style Kaiseki Set Menu

menu Appetizer:Chinese yam with Sesame sauce
Pickles: Silver Anchovies with Honey
Miso Cucumber
Taian Ginger Shoots
Soup: Soup of the Day
Deep-fried Dish: Deep-fried Sweet Potato, Taro and Green Pepper
Gratinated Dish: Roast Trout with Pepper
Boiled Dish: Stir-fried Flat Rice Noodles with Steamed Pork and Preserved Mustard Vegetables
Stewed Dish: Stewed Taro and Fox Seeds
Meal: Rice with Minced Pork Sauce
Dessert: Hakkanese Dessert
Fruits: Seasonal Fruits
number of people Set Meal Details week day weekend
2 per group *2 per room
*Breakfast per person
*Dinner for 2
*Hot Spring coupon for 2
4,600 6,100  
3 per group 3 per room
*Breakfast per person
*Dinner for 3
*Hot Spring coupon for 3
5,800 7,500  
4 per group 4 per room
*Breakfast per person
*Dinner for 4
*Hot Spring coupon for 4
6,600 8,500  


  • Extra Bed: NT$1,200 per bed on weekdays; NT$1,400 per bed on weekends. Rates inclusive of breakfast, dinner and access to hot spring pools.
  • This special package does not apply during the traditional Chinese New Year’s holidays.
All rates are subject to change without prior notice