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Hot Spring Spa Facilities

  • Badekur Pool

    This area relies on the German conservation concepts for mineral hot springs, providing natural stones arrayed in an undulating water path and pool, which unite to provide your perfect “beauty rejuvenation pool”—with high-quality sodium bicarbonate, clean

    Tai-an Hot Spring, Miaoli Accomodations
  • KNEIPP Sauna

    • Centered around the Mountain Peaks River Valley (Shan Feng Xi Gu), and a partially open roof design, you are able to share with the sunshine, gentle breeze, strong mountain winds, greenery and butterflies, as you surround yourself with the most treasure

    Tai-an Hot Spring, Miaoli Accomodations
  • Tropical Rainforest Hot Spring Pools

    Integrating the traditional open air design of the Balinese hut, with resplendent rainforest flora, and our King’s Resort and Spa sodium bicarbonate mineral springs, with the natural mountain and valley vistas of Tai-An, you cannot help but wish that your

    Tai-an Hot Spring, Miaoli Accomodations

    This area is located on the Ninth Floor (9F), with the Jacuzzi bathing area facing the wide open vistas of the mountainous valleys, permitting you to be tantalized with the rare views of mountain clusters varying by hundreds of meters in height along with

    Tai-an Hot Spring, Miaoli Accomodations