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Taiwan’s first “Accredited Hot Mineral Springs Resort"

As a result of the tremendous team effort of everyone at the King’s Resort and Spa, we successfully became the first “Accredited Hot Mineral Springs Resort”, on November 9, 2007. We would not have been able to accomplish this process without sturdy guidance and support every step along the way from Miaoli County. Also, the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, and their leadership at all levels provided unequalled excellent assistance throughout the year-long process, as we overcame numerous obstacles in the way, to achieving this truly well-deserved accreditation.

The certification provided by membership among properties belonging to the “Accredited Hot Mineral Springs Resort” accreditation ensures consumers a comprehensive resort-wide commitment to: hygienic high-quality hot mineral springs, the public’s safety, appropriate equipment and maintenance, as well as mineral springs transport tubing and conformance to all other regulations. The entire process represents significant investments and responsibility for all of us at the King’s Resort and Spa, while also reflecting our joint commitment and trust in providing consumers with a higher dedication to achieving the best in quality.

King’s Resort and Spa thus emphasizes first and foremost maintaining the highest quality demands and performance, for hospitality first, as our principle and as our performance, establishing Taiwan’s highest quality hot mineral springs water quality assurance system, ensuring not only unparalleled hygienic water quality, but also deploying Taiwan’s first “Hot Mineral Springs Conservation Zone and Innovative Services Operating Model”. These efforts include development of a Hot Springs Health Consultation system, Hot Springs Public Parks, Hot Springs Aqua therapy , Food and Beverage Area, and wide variety of highly personalized custom health and fitness hot mineral springs programs, which combine the newest global best practices in local nutrition, recreation and relaxation, and exercise to assure each of our guests with their optimal personal mindfulness growth.

Our history-making numerous firsts among Taiwan’s resorts

  • First Officially Accredited Hot Mineral Springs Resort (accredited by both Miaoli County and the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport and Communications)
  • First Hot Mineral Springs Resort to Implement Knowledge Management (KM), (recognized by the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • Awarded for Best Practices applying German Hot Mineral Springs Conservation and Preservation (Badekurort) Resort Concepts (selected by the Commerce Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • Deploying the Hot Mineral Springs Resort Docent System, Health and Fitness Readiness Evaluation System and Combined Mineral Springs and Personal Rejuvenation Packages
台灣第一個取得溫泉標章的溫泉飯點 - 苗栗泰安錦水溫泉飯點