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Centered around the Mountain Peaks River Valley (Shan Feng Xi Gu), and a partially open roof design, you are able to share with the sunshine, gentle breeze, strong mountain winds, greenery and butterflies, as you surround yourself with the most treasured beauties of the natural world. Among the equipment installed and DIY temperature appropriate aqua therapy solutions provided are:

  • High temperature infrared sauna and aromatherapy sauna
  • Combined aqua therapy with traditional herbal and aromatics providing a gently, relaxing herbal sauna
  • After enjoying the high temperature saunas, a relaxing and refreshing extremely cold pool is available
  • In conjunction with the post-sauna Inrared sauna for physiological rest and recuperation, it is possible to achieve both relaxation and recreation, along with DIY fitness and a comforting spa trip. Among the equipment offerings are: far infrared sauna, steam aromatherapy room, frigid cool pool, fragrant flora, herbal pools and infrared sauna.